Tackle Hire & Bait Supply

We know bringing all the kit you need can make life difficult, with many parties often paying a fortune to hire or ferry over several vehicles to fit everything in. To make life easier, we hire all the bulky items you need at a reasonable rate.

We provide JRC hi-care XL unhooking mats, landing nets and weighing slings free of charge to every angler, so no need to dip!

20kg sacks of Carp pellets€50 each
10kg sack Nutrabaits Carpet Feed€45 each
1kg of Nutrabaits Boilies€12 per kg
Other Nutrabaits Products (Pop Ups, Bait Dips, etc.)POA
Hire of 3 x fox warrior rods€30 p.p.p.w
Hire of JRC rod pod€20 p.p.p.w
Hire of Two Man Bivvy€45 p.w
Hire of One Man Bivvy€30 p.w
Hire of bed chair€20 p.p.p.w
Hire of Memory foam low chair€15 p.p.p.w
Hire of Scales & Tripod€20 p.p.p.w
Bait boat€100 p.party.p.w
Hire pack inc all hire items above and 1 bag of boilies (exc bait boat)€125 p.p.p.w