Le Queroy Lake Rules

Lines, weigh sacks, & boots not provided by or rented from us to be disinfected in the dip provided before fishing please.
Unhooking mats, landing nets, kneel pads, buckets and slings are provided free and must be used please (to avoid contamination from other lakes) and left clean.
Only barbless and microbarb hooks please. All hooks at least size 6.
No bent hook rigs. Single hooks only. No permanent fixed leads.
12lb minimum breaking strength line with approx. 1 metre of tubing to lead. Braid is allowed as long as a suitable leader (e.g. tubing) is used to protect against damage to the fish.
No nuts or particle baits of any kind please, & all bait to be approved before use.
No keep nets or sacks to be used. No fish to be retained.
Fish to be held no higher than knee level and always over a mat please for their protection and yours.
Please always use the weigh slings provided to lift fish out of the water, and not the landing nets
Please make sure your swim is organised appropriately before lifting the fish out of the water for photographs i.e no tripping hazards. Tripod and scales, bucket of water, carp care kit, and camera ready to hand to minimise fish stress.
Any fish caught over 50lbs to be photographed in the water and not on the bank.
Each angler should please come equipped with a bottle of antiseptic paste (i.e. one bottle for every angler) and apply to hooking point of fish caught and to any fish injuries. Carp care kits are available if you do not own one. Please care for our carp to maintain their high quality, and treat them kindly.
Please pick up discarded lines, hooks, cigarette butts, bottles and litter around the lake and dispose of it in the rubbish bins at the cottage.
Please always use w.c. at the cottage only (i.e. not in bushes).
Maximum of three rods per angler please. No rods to be left unattended in the water or lying baited, unattended on the bank (risk to pets/wildlife).
Cars must not be left parked on the grass round the lake. Bivvy on gravel areas only, and not on the grass except for the 'island' swim please.
Prior permission must be sought by less mobile anglers who wish to have Car access to the lakes (where possible in drier months).
Row boats and life jackets are provided free of charge. A life jacket must be worn in the boats at all times, and anglers use the boat entirely at their own risk. The boat is to be left tied to the nearside swim or upturned on the grass.
No intoxicated, aggressive, excessively loud or unsafe behaviour will be tolerated under any circumstances. We reserve the right to terminate your stay under unacceptable circumstances

Accommodation & General Rules

Please treat the cottage, garden and lakes with due respect.
Do not start fires outside (except our barbecue). It is illegal in this region between May and October, because of the risk of forest/prairie fires.
Please do not wear stiletto heels, muddy boots or any footwear that might damage the floor inside.
Please use tablemats for hot cups and saucepans, chopping boards when using sharp knives and wooden/plastic utensils only for non-stick pans.
Please do not wash bed linen, simply ask for a clean set if you have an accident. If you are staying for more than a week we provide a change of bed linen for each subsequent week.
Please do not take pillows, bedding, cushions, towels or robes o the lakes, they are for cottage and garden use only.
Please inform us of any malfunction of equipment/breakage so that we can repair/replace the relevant item.
Please do not flush tampons, condoms, cotton wool buds, kitchen towel or nappies etc down the toilet, as we are not on main drains and we must all respect the septic tank.
Please place all rubbish in the bags provided, and put in the outside bins. The dustman comes on Thursday.
Please do not smoke inside the cottage because of the fire risk, we are a non smoking establishment and we are not insured for inside smoking.
At the end of your stay, please leave the cottage in a clean and tidy state.