Pete & Stu, 11th-18th March 2017

​Great weeks fishing from the point, shared rods between the two of us. All fish coming out on wafters in the silt. Loved the cake!

Pete & Stu

Mirror50lb 4ozlb
Mirror37lb 4ozlb
Mirror41lb 2ozlb
Mirror64lb 6ozlb
Mirror47lb 7ozlb
Mirror48lb 10ozlb
Mirror47lb 7ozlb
Mirror36lb 8ozlb
Mirror39lb 1ozlb
Mirror38lb 3ozlb
Mirror42lb 11ozlb
Mirror37lb 2ozlb
Mirror44lb 7ozlb
Mirror48lb 13ozlb
Mirror53lb 3ozlb
Mirror37lb 2ozlb
Common38lb 10ozlb
Mirror38lb 2ozlb